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When it comes to luxury and convenience in short-distance travel, nothing quite beats the experience of hiring a private helicopter. Enjoy flexibility and privacy.

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Get Heli is the only helicopter specialist and has gathered strong experience and knowledge in organising helicopter flights for our clients, even at the last minute.

Whether you need to reach a remote destination, make a grand entrance at an important event, or travel to various business meetings in a day, our reliable and convenient services will help you cater for all your needs.

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What are the benefits of hiring a helicopter?

  • Speed and convenience

Hiring a private helicopter offers unparalleled speed and convenience. Skip traffic, bypass crowded airports and reach your destination swiftly. It’s the ideal choice for those who value their time and want to make the most of it.

  • Customised itineraries

When you hire a helicopter, you have the flexibility to create a customised itinerary that suits your travel plans. This means you can reach remote locations, attend multiple meetings in a single day, or enjoy scenic tours at your own pace.

  • Privacy and comfort

Helicopter hire ensures complete privacy during your journey.
Helicopters come in various sizes and levels of comfort: depending on your budget, you can either choose a more compact yet efficient helicopter up to a large one, with sophisticated interiors and ample space for each of the travellers.


How to charter a helicopter with Get Heli

With access to 130+ helicopters throughout the UK, in France, Greece and Spain, we make the process of hiring a helicopter simple and efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fly in a helicopter?

It really depends on what sort of flight you are looking for. The cheapest way to fly in a helicopter is to go on a tour (starting at £600 for 3 people) - Link to our London tours.

If you wish to charter your own helicopter then we can look at suitable options for you depending on what type of flight you are looking for.

There are two main types of helicopter, single engine and twin engine. Single engine helicopters are good for helicopter tours & short flights. Twin engine helicopters are good for longer flights and events like Silverstone Grand Prix. The costs differ from aircraft to aircraft but here is a rough estimate for costs per hour:
Single engine = £900 - £1,600 per hour
Twin engine = £1,600 - £4,500 per hour

You then need to add crew fees and landing fees on top of these prices as well as account for any positioning of the aircraft to/from home base.

How far can you fly with a helicopter?

The range of helicopters largely depends on its type and size. Some helicopters like the R44, AS355 and Bell 206 are designed for short distances, while others can cover hundreds of miles without refuelling like the S76.
Let us know your specific travel requirements and we will recommend the most suitable helicopter for your journey.

Can a helicopter land anywhere?

Helicopters have more flexibility in terms of landing locations in comparison to fixed-wing aircraft, which makes them the preferred choice of air travel for short distances or remote locations difficult to reach.

There are still certain considerations and limitations to keep in mind when choosing a landing site. Explore our interactive map displaying the largest database of registered helicopter landing sites in the UK and Europe. Start planning your helicopter trip by selecting one of the helipads (including hotels, restaurants, vineyards) and get an instant price estimate for your flight.

What is the cancellation policy for a private helicopter charter?

Cancellation policies differ from operator to operator so please contact us for the actual cancellation details. Here is an example of some cancellation charges: 

Upon booking - 10% of Charter Price
Less than 48 hours - 25% of Charter Price
Less than 24 hours - 50% of Charter Price
No Notice/ No Show - 100% of Charter Price

How early should I book a helicopter flight?

It is highly recommended to book a helicopter charter as early as possible to secure your desired date, time and a helicopter model. This is especially true during peak travel seasons, holidays and major social events.

With the demand for helicopter charter far greater than the supply, the availability of helicopters quickly becomes scarce, especially during events such as Silverstone Grand Prix, Royal Ascot, Cheltenham and Glastonbury Festival. So feel free to contact us as early as 6 months in advance.

In some cases, helicopter operators may have availability for last-minute charters, especially if they have helicopters and pilots on standby. It is recommended to contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

With instant access to more than 150 helicopters across the UK, our dedicated team endeavours to find in a timely manner the right helicopter for your travel needs.

Why am I asked about my weight before a helicopter flight?

We are aware it can be a sensitive question to ask for people's weight but it is important to know this information to ensure the aircraft is operating within the maximum takeoff weight and that the aircraft is within its center of gravity. The weights are stored securely and only the operator and Get Heli have access to these weights.

Who can travel on a chartered helicopter?

Anyone can fly in a helicopter as a passenger. There is generally no age restriction as long as the passengers are fit and well. Infants under two are generally allowed on board and seated on a paying adult’s lap. Children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.