Aviation and tourism professionals, explore our tech solutions

Originally a tech company, Get Heli offers dedicated solutions for professionals looking to create easily a new offering for their clients or boost their helicopter business.

The Get Heli API

Generate more helicopter charter enquiries.

Our API in the form of a window iframe, is a plug and play solution embedded on your website and displaying a large selection of helicopter charter flights (on-demand, tours and shuttles).

• Quick installation on your webpage, blending with your brand standards

• Enhanced customer experience thanks to the digital and dynamic booking solution

• Instant price estimates delivering qualified requests

The Get Heli Marketplace

Access prices for 100s of helicopters for your clients in minutes.

The Get Heli marketplace is a modern digital platform that connects European operators with the travel industry to ease, enhance and speed up the sourcing of helicopter charters. 

• Reach all relevant and vetted operators with one single request

• Receive and compare multiple, accurate and competitive costs

• Ditch emails and phone calls, engage with operators via our sophisticated live chat

The Get Heli Dashboard

Streamline your request for quotes process.

Get Heli's integrated dashboard allows for a smooth and efficient process of sourcing and booking helicopter charters.

• All customers enquiries, requests, quotes and bookings organised in one place

• Easily track quoting progress in real time 

• Compare detailed quotes and helicopters including pictures and AOC documents

• Download white-label quotes in PDF ready to forward to your clients

The Get Heli API

Win more business by promoting your charters outside of your own website.

Our new solution, a window iframe, is simply embedded in Get Heli's network of third party websites (brokers, hotels, concierges etc.) curating high net worth individuals.

• Include your complete offering (tours, shuttles, on-demand, empty legs) on our API and promote it instantly outside of

• Boost your visibility by reaching a vast untapped audience via our curated network

• Increase your conversion rate by receiving qualified leads thanks to automatic price estimates

• Increase your revenue by keeping your helicopters in the air

The Get Heli Marketplace

Get more qualified leads, access data insights & win more business.

An innovative online platform, the Get Heli Marketplace enables you to give better visibility to your helicopter fleet, meet the travel industry's demand for helicopter flights and gain a competitive edge. 

• Increase your market reach by connecting with international vetted travel professionals at no cost

• For each quote, access insightful information about competing quotes and know where you stand

• Receive standardised & detailed flight requests, relevant to your aircrafts & location

• Chat live 24/7 with brokers, qualify requests & receive feedback

The Get Heli front & back office system

Streamline the management of your quotes.

Get Heli's integrated system allows for a smooth and efficient process of quoting and selling your helicopter charters.

• Keep all requests received, open quotes and upcoming bookings organised in a clear dashboard

• Quote quicker than your competition by using our built-in charter price calculator

• Showcase your fleet including specifications and images of each aircraft to be displayed in each quote

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