Helicopter Transfer from Courchevel to Megève

time 20 minutes (approx.)
location From € 550 / seat
user Shared with up to 5 people
time Relax After an Exhilarating Day of Heli Skiing in Courchevel

Elevate your ski trip with Get Heli's innovative helicopter-pooling technology. Book just a seat, not the whole aircraft, and share the journey with like-minded ski enthusiasts.

Our unique tech seamlessly pools passengers, offering a cost-effective and quick 20-minute flight back from the slopes of Courchevel.

This service merges the luxury of helicopter travel with the practicality of shared expenses, all powered by Get Heli's cutting-edge approach to air travel.

Savor the Memories of the Slopes

Conclude your day of thrilling heli skiing in Courchevel with a luxurious helicopter transfer back to Megève.

As you leave the high-altitude excitement of Courchevel, relax and unwind in the comfort of our helicopter. This transfer isn't just a return journey; it's a continuation of your alpine adventure, offering serene views of the Alps as you reflect on the day's exhilarating experiences.

Our service ensures a smooth and stylish transition from the vibrant slopes of Courchevel to the charming ambiance of Megève.

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