The Big Feastival

The Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Annual Event

Friday 23rd August 2024 - Sunday 25th August 2024
Alex James' Farm, The Cotswolds

The Big Feastival unites UK’s most well-known artists, Michelin star chefs and a variety of best street-food options. A family entertainment program is at the centre of the Big Feastival with crafting workshops, camping and several meet and greets for the smaller members of the family. Chartering with a private helicopter would make the travelling easy and quick to the festival and back.


The Big Feastival 2024

Founded in 2012 by Alex James (ex-Blur bassist, now cheese maker) and Jamie Oliver, The Big Feastival aims to improve attitudes towards good food.
  • Michelin star chefs take the stage
  • Held on the stunning 200-acre grounds of Alex’s farmhouse in the Cotswolds
  • Live music and DJs at the Cheese Hub
The family friendly festival is a pure celebration of music, food and culture. The Big Feastival is the ultimate summer event for the food-lover.

How to get to the Big Feastival 2024


Make an entrance to The Big Feastival by arriving by helicopter.

  • Stunning bird's-eye views of the Cotswolds.
  • Nearby landing sites.
  • Flexible travel. Fly from anywhere in the UK.

Book a helicopter charter to The Big Feastival on Get Heli.

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Approximate flight times from UK cities

  • London to The Costwolds- 30 minutes
  • Manchester to The Costwolds - 50 minutes
  • Birmingham to The Costwolds - 17 hour
  • Edinburgh to The Costwolds - 1 hour, 55 minutes
  • Cardiff to The Costwolds - 33 minutes

How to hire a helicopter to get to the Big Feastival


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More information about The Big Feastival 2024

Who will be playing at The Big Feastival 2024?

The Music Line-up draws together artists from different genres along with The Human League, Anne-Marie, Stereophonics, Jax Jones, Gabrielle and many others. For smaller attendees of the events, there are Andy & The Odd Socks, Comedy Club 4 Kids, Farm Yard Circus, etc. Chartering the private helicopter is an amazing way to get to the destination without missing favourite artists.

What is special about The Big Feastival 2024?

The Big Feastival surprises people with the enormous list of chefs and food places to try from. What cannot be left unnoticed is Clare Smyth MBE, who made an enormous contribution to the UK gastronomy and received three stars from the 2020 Michelin Guide for Great Britain & Ireland.

How to travel to The Big Feastival?

Get to The Big Feastival as a VIP with a private helicopter. Travel from anywhere in the UK and land right next to the venue while enjoying the views of the Costwolds, skipping the stress from heavy traffic.

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