Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse

Chester, United Kingdom

Annual Event

Saturday 14th June 2025 - Sunday 15th June 2025
Future dates will be released
Chester Racecourse
Horse Racing

Summer Festival offers an amusing opportunity to celebrate a warm weekend at Chester Racecourse while sipping campaign and enjoying the horse race action unravelling right in front of you.

Chartering a helicopter for the event is the perfect way to make a VIP entrance and make the most of this luxurious weekend experience.


Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse


An epic day of fast-paced horse racing action at Chester Racecourse. The Summer Festival marks a fantastic celebration of the sport every year.

  • Chester Racecourse - the oldest racecourse in operation
  • VIP hospitality and private boxes available
  • Gripping races around the 1 mile, 1 furlong racecourse

The Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse is a highlight for the social season.



The ideal way to travel to Chester Racecourse is by helicopter. The VIP can rely on fast, convenient, luxurious travel when chartering a helicopter to the Summer Festival.

  • Fly quickly. Flights from London in just 90 minutes.
  • Land directly at Chester Racecourse with helicopter facilities available on race days.
  • Fly from anywhere in the UK.

Book a helicopter charter to the Summer Festival through Get Heli.

  • One request reaches multiple operators at once.
  • Instantly reach the vetted operators available to fly to Chester Racecourse.
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Approximate flight times from UK cities

  • London to Chester Racecourse - 1 hour, 10 minutes
  • Manchester to Chester Racecourse - 15 minutes
  • Birmingham to Chester Racecourse - 25 minutes
  • Edinburgh to Chester Racecourse - 1 hour, 20 minutes
  • Cardiff to Chester Racecourse - 50 minutes

Getting to Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse

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More information about Summer Festival at Chester 2024

What is the Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse?

Summer Festival is a two-day celebration of thrilling horse racing events, and an amazing opportunity to dress up and enjoy your time. The event is ideal for a family and friends gathering as well as the special occasion destination with luxurious food and drink options.

When is Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse?

Summer Festival will take place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July 2024 and will include seven races along with live entertainment.

How old is Chester Racecourse?

The racecourse was established in 1539. This makes it the oldest working racecourse in the UK and potentially the whole world. It’s friendly atmosphere, combined with the great racing, hospitality and entertainment that makes Summer Festival a unique event for friends and family.

How far is Chester Racecourse from the town centre?

Chester Racecourse is located 2 miles from the historic center, so arriving by helicopter will place you within the heart of the day’s action.

How to travel to the Summer Festival at Chester Racecourse?

Beat the traffic and travel in style in a chartered helicopter. Hassle-free and VIP charter helicopters are available to take you straight to Chester Racecourse.

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