Glyndebourne Festival

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Annual Event

Thursday 16th May 2024 - Sunday 25th August 2024
Glyndebourne Opera House

Chartering a helicopter is a unique chance to arrive at the Glyndebourne Festival in style and enjoy the staggering atmosphere of the Opera House.

Annual Glyndebourne Festival is the celebration of world-class opera which is taking place in a state-of-the-art auditorium. The wonder and joy of the operas are then shared in the 90-minute interval while having a picnic or a walk around the gardens.


Glyndebourne Festival in East Sussex 2024


Glyndebourne Opera House sees world class opera once again at the Glyndebourne Festival this year. Six weeks of moving performances run throughout the summer at the world-renowned festival.

  • Indoor auditorium, beautiful gardens and exquisite restaurants
  • Remarkable performances scheduled for 2022
  • Tranquility in the stunning Sussex countryside

The spectacular Glyndebourne Festival is a popular choice for many and is set to make a lasting mark this summer.


Chartering a Helicopter to Glyndebourne Festival


Guests should travel in style to the prestigious event. Chartering a helicopter to the Glyndebourne Festival offers fast and convenient transport to the summer event.

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  • Travel from anywhere in the UK.

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Approximate flight times from UK cities

  • London to Glyndebourne Festival - 20 minutes
  • Manchester to Glyndebourne Festival - 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Birmingham to Glyndebourne Festival - 1 hour
  • Edinburgh to Glyndebourne Festival - 2 hours, 30 minutes
  • Cardiff to Glyndebourne Festival - 1 hour, 5 minutes

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More information about Glyndebourne Festival 2022

What is Glyndebourne Festival?

The Glyndebourne Festival offers a chance to dive into the world of class opera performances while enjoying an exceptional picnic or dining experience. Performances are staged at the indoor auditorium where guests relish the opportunity to wear their best formal attire.

When is Glyndebourne Festival in East Sussex?

The festival takes place throughout the course of three months from 16th May to 25th August 2024.

How long is Glyndebourne Festival?

Guests could enjoy a one-day helicopter charter trip, including the opera performance and fine-dining experience in one of the restaurants on the site. The other option would be to stay for the weekend to add afternoon walks in the Bourne and Figaro Gardens to the aesthetic experience.

How old is Glyndebourne Festival?

The story dates back to 1934 when the founder John Christie of what is now known as the Glyndebourne Festival, came across the soprano Audrey Mildmay. The love story then developed into the famous Opera House in the heart of Sussex.

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