Helicopter Transfer from Megève to Courchevel

time 20 minutes (approx.)
location From € 550 / seat
user Shared with up to 5 people
time Exclusive Day Trip: A Luxurious Skiing Adventure Awaits

Elevate your ski trip with Get Heli's innovative helicopter-pooling technology. Book just a seat, not the whole aircraft, and share the journey with like-minded ski enthusiasts

Our unique tech seamlessly pools passengers, offering a cost-effective and quick 20-minute flight to the slopes of Courchevel.

This service merges the luxury of helicopter travel with the practicality of shared expenses, all powered by Get Heli's cutting-edge approach to air travel.

Elevate Your Ski Experience with Heli Skiing

Embark on an unparalleled alpine adventure with our helicopter transfer from Megève to Courchevel, where heli skiing transforms the landscape into your personal playground.

This journey is more than just an access to pristine skiing; it's your gateway to the high-altitude thrills and vibrant atmosphere unique to Courchevel. Indulge in a day of diverse experiences, from the exhilaration of helicopter skiing over the majestic Alps to the luxury of exclusive shopping and fine dining.

Meet friends in this opulent setting and savor every moment of your trip. Soar above and beyond ordinary, immersing yourself in the vivid contrasts between Megève and Courchevel, two of the Alps' most iconic destinations.

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